Foods With Bad Cholesterol

For you who have a high level of cholesterol, then you should be aware of foods with bad cholesterol. Not only then you need to prevent some food intake but also you need to consume more foods with no bad cholesterol. Below are some lists of foods that lower bad cholesterol and raise the good one.

  • Common foods with bad cholesterol
    1. Liver

Apart from consuming cow’s brain, liver is also on the list of common foods with bad cholesterol. There are as much as 564 mg of cholesterol that can be found on per 100 grams. Meanwhile, there is cholesterol content of 311 mg you can get from the liver that has been going through the process of cooking. Occasional eating of this seafood will not be a problem, however, adults have been suggested not to eat excessively since it can significantly increase your LDL levels.

    1. Margarine/butter

There are quite a lot of people who also enjoy eating margarine and butter. However, an excessive consumption of margarine or butter may also trigger the LDL level to rise. There is around 215 mg of cholesterol in 100 mg of margarine or butter in which there is 20 mg of cholesterol present per tablespoon. By limiting the consumption of margarine or butter can help you to control the cholesterol level in your body.


    1. Chicken Meat

Another list of food with bad cholesterol is chicken meat. In fact, the chicken breast is the safest part of the chicken meat to eat and often consumed by people who are on diet. Meanwhile, the thigh is the main part of the chicken meat to watch out for. Please be noticed that 1 piece of chicken thigh along with the skin contains high fat substances compare to 1 piece of a chicken thigh without skin. The risk of having high cholesterol is higher when you consume fried chicken.

  • Foods to lower cholesterol
    1. Rice and grains

Rice and grains are foods with free cholesterol that are easy to get in the market and even become a staple food in several countries. Grains and rice contains high starch substances and has little or even no cholesterol and also no record of additional fat ingredients during the process.


    1. Mushroom

Mushroom can be the best choice for food with no cholesterol.  Mushroom can also be the best food to cure people who suffer from high cholesterol only if there is no other mixed substance that contains fat during the making process or when it is served.

    1. Potato

Another good food to lower cholesterol is potato. However, you need to be aware of the way potato being served. Because most potato is served in form of French fries that has low cholesterol but contains high fats. Thus, if you have a high level of cholesterol but you want to consume this food, the best choice is you choose French fries with low fat or baked potato.

Those are all the recommended lists of foods that lower bad cholesterol and raise good that you need to know.

What Foods Give You High Cholesterol

If you get high cholesterol, it means that your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) level in your body is low which further shows a bad signal in your body, thus, it is important to control what foods give you high cholesterol. There are many chronic diseases that could threaten your body’s health due to a high level of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) such as heart diseases.

Once the cholesterol level is high, it will automatically stick and accumulate to the walls of blood vessels. If this case doesn’t address immediately, then the buildup of cholesterol will be able to clog the blood vessels so not only high blood pressure will happen but also other chronic diseases such as stroke, coronary heart diseases as well as heart attack can be the greatest threat to the patients, thus it is important for you to be aware of what food cause high cholesterol levels as below:

    1. Pizza

We all can not deny that pizza is one of the most favorable foods in the world. It is indeed very tasty since it has various choices of toppings that can be adjusted to your tastes. However, did you realize that pizza is rich in cheese substances and meat that makes it on the top list of fatty food that can further lead increasing your LDL levels. Consuming it once in a while will not be a big deal. However, it will be different if you eat it excessively that it can spend 1 portion of medium up to large size alone. Simply enjoying 1 slice of pizza is actually the safest way to consume this food. Either way, you can make your own pizza by adding a vegetable topping that is rich in fiber rather than having saturated fat as the toppings.


    1. Egg yolk

Many people prefer yolk rather than white albumen. There are also people who like to eat the yolk the last after eating up the whites. In fact, this habit needs to be erased since yolk is one of the main food causes of high LDL level.

    1. Ice cream

Just like pizza, ice cream is also considered as one of the most favorable desserts in the world. In fact, ice cream becomes one of the foods that cause a high level of LDL. The level of bad cholesterol in ice cream is big and can even be considered higher than what doughnut may have.

    1. Shrimp

Similar to squid, this kind of seafood indeed tastes very delicious. However, you need to be aware of the nutrients in shrimp. Shrimp does not only cause an allergic reaction in some people. In every 100 mg of shrimp contains 195 mg cholesterol that can increase the LDL levels in your body.

    1. Chocolate

Many people like chocolate not only because of its sweet taste but also it can reduce stress. However, you need to be aware of this food since it contains 290 mg cholesterol.

Those are 5 items of what foods cause high bad cholesterol for you to be aware of.

Foodies Beware: Food that Contain Cholesterol that You Should Avoid

Finding a food that contain cholesterol is easy. You just have to look everywhere and you will basically find lots of them. Why? Because nearly every food contains cholesterol in them. If you manage to find a food without no nutritional value in them, then, by all means, please tell me about them because I am very interested in learning about it.

For today’s article, still on the topic of foods and cholesterol within them, we are going to talk about foods that contain bad cholesterol in them. Without further ado, let us begin with the first food in the list: the oils 

Not all oils, just canola oil, and processed vegetable oil

I have to admit that while I do believe that canola oil is tasty, it is very unhealthy. Every oil will go through a process of hydrogenation, and when a canola oil undergoes this process, every hells known to man will break loose. They will be filled with trans fats. Trans fats are not too healthy for you (its effect are even more detrimental to a human’s body), so avoid this oil at all cost if you are cooking.

Other oils that can be dangerous when they go through hydrogenation are safflower oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, and soy oil. If you can, do not bother using these oils for a reason explained above. 


The ‘good’ snacks

The ‘good’ snacks that I am talking here are potato chips and many other processed snacks. Again, I have to admit that potato chips and many processed snacks are tasty (and I am guilty of eating them once in a while), but along the taste comes a danger that will ultimately make your life harder. They are a part of the food groups that contain bad cholesterol in it, so avoid them to make your life easier to live in the future.

That does not mean you should ALWAYS avoid them. Once in a while is always good, but do not eat them twice a day or so. 

I hate to say this but I should because it is absolutely dangerous: bacon

Ah, we have arrived at this food item.

Bacon to me is what Achilles to his heel. Bacon is my weakness, a personal ambrosia that I love to indulge myself with. It is a food of the heavens, a combination of salty and tasty that dances around my tongue like a spark of ember by the bonfire. It is God’s gift to the world, and it is probably the best food ever invented (speaking from personal opinion. Do not judge me).

Sadly, when I analogize the connection between me and bacon with Achilles and his heel, there is a glaring thing that I have to acknowledge. The cholesterol within the bacon is the Paris with his bow and arrow. As when Paris finally killed the immortal Achilles with a clean shot to Achilles’ heel, the cholesterol within bacon will kill me with a not-too-clean shot to the heart. Both me and Achilles will not like it, but that is what we get from indulging ourselves on the things that will doom us: Achilles in his wars, and me in my bacons.

Pretty dramatic explanation regarding one of the things that contain cholesterol, no?

Although you can find many more foods that contain bad cholesterol in them, these three foods are the most dangerous regarding food that contain cholesterol, so never indulge yourself in them at all times.

Which Foods are Known To Be High In Bad Cholesterol?

Are foods high in cholesterol bad for you? The answer of this question is definitely yes. You may not feel the effect right after you consume the foods. Instead, it will pill up in your body, and later on, you will wake up by realizing that there is something wrong with your body. That time, you just finally have a grasp of what you have done. More particularly, what kind of foods you have eaten.

Cholesterol can cause many diseases. One of them is diabetes. For more, cholesterol can also be the one, which is responsible for heart disease; the cause might be different for each person. If you do not want to live with those kinds of diseases, then it is time when you need to start having a healthy life.

To begin with, you better know that bad foods are those who contain high fat, salt, as well as sugar. Moreover, they also have a small number of nutrients, which is needed by the body such as calcium, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acid.

So, what are the kinds of foods high in bad cholesterol? In line with what we have told you before, bad cholesterols come from foods, which have high number of fat, salt, and sugar. To be more precise, it includes crackers, bakery items, as well as cookies. Foods with saturated fat are also potentially having high cholesterol. For that reason, it is important to have a good look at the food label before you pay for it.

Foods, which contain trans fat, also have high number of cholesterol. Some samples of foods with high trans fat amount are pastries, crackers, as well as some types of margarine. You can check it behind, in the nutrition facts to make it sure. For unwrapped food, here is a little guide. It will be better to avoid consuming biscuits, microwave popcorn, sandwiches, doughnuts, frozen pizza, and also fried fast foods.

Besides trans fat, sugar also plays important role in causing some effects to the body. Even though the sweet taste caused by sugar is definitely giving a better taste, too much of it can kill you slowly. It can drive your body to have high amount of cholesterol. Moreover, it can also cause diabetes as well as heart disease.

Limiting the intake of sugar is not an easy thing, it present in many kinds of foods and drinks. However, you need to do it if you do not want to have a regret of not taking a good care of your body. For a start, you can lessen the consumption of soda, cakes, cookies, ice cream, and even candy. Besides that, sugar is sometimes also present in the type of foods, which you will not even think about. Yes, it is present in tomato ketchup and also breakfast bars.

Those are the types of foods, which foods are known to be high in bad cholesterol. We highly hope the brief explanation, as well as the sample, can guide you to have a healthier life.

Cholesterol King: Foods That Are High in Cholesterol

Looking for some information surrounding foods that are high in cholesterol? If you do look for them, then I want to congratulate your search engine because your engine has led you to the right place. Here, I shall list all of the foods I see as foods that are high in cholesterol.

In hope that I will not waste both of our times, let us jump into the first food item, shall we? 

    1. Liver, and not just chicken’s, but every living being

The Liver is high in iron, and you cannot deny that iron is important for us. If you are a liver lover, you can rejoice because many people deem liver a healthy food to eat.

Outside of the many, though, some people think that liver is dangerous because it contains lots of cholesterol. As we all know, not only humans got cholesterol in them. Animals got them too, and many of their cholesterol got stored in their organs. Do you know what a liver is? 

Foods that are high in cholesterol

    1. Butter and margarine

Here we have the king (or queen?) that makes lots of food, even more tastier than they should be. Butter contains saturated fat, and saturated fats lead to high level of bad cholesterol. High level of bad cholesterol leads to a severe case of heart attack and whatnots. Heart attacks can lead to your death, and nothing is worse than having to die to butter.

For the margarine thing, people perceive that margarine is safer than butter. The truth cannot be further than that. Some margarine can be even more dangerous to the heart, and researchers classify them as a food that’s high in cholesterol.

    1. Shrimps are dangerous as well

One can argue that shrimps are the tastiest seafood ever (I myself do not believe that. They look like the roaches of the sea in my opinion), but the fact is, shrimps are dangerous thanks to many factors. One such factor is the high amount of cholesterol within them. A serving of shrimp can fill in more than half of your recommended calorie intake, making it a part of the seafoods that are high in cholesterol entourage.

While other kinds of seafood are not inherently dangerous unless they are caught using poison or any other unnatural method, prawns, shellfishes, and lobsters are generally dense in cholesterol. If I may have a say in it, do reduce consuming them, will you? Not all kinds of seafood are good for you.

    1. Popcorns, both salty and sweet

While this one is technically not a full-fledged food, you should always avoid eating popcorn unless you are in dire need to do so. Although they are a tasty thing to nibble on when you do not have anything else to eat, the salty popcorns are often loaded with butter, and butter is not healthy for your health. The added salt can also ruin your day. The sweet one can induce diabetes, which is not any worse than having a high cholesterol, but still bad nonetheless.

But popcorns are not inherently bad for your health. If you eat them without making them sweet or salt, they can actually reduce your cholesterol level. Eating them like that may disgust some people with how tasteless they are, so if you want to add some flavor to the popcorn, add olive oil and/or sprinkles of parmesan over the top. The two things are healthier than your ordinary salted, butter popcorn.

I think that is all regarding the foods that are high in cholesterol, hope I can help you with this article, guys.

Various Foods That Are Bad For Cholesterol

Keep in mind that the body needs cholesterol to produce hormones, vitamin D, as well as various substances that can help digestion. However, if you eat foods that are bad for cholesterol will have a harmful effect on the body.

Eating fried foods or made from dairy products is often the choice of many people’s meals today. Unfortunately, these food choices have saturated fat and trans fat levels that can increase cholesterol and give harmful effects to heart health.

Delicious foods contain high cholesterol

In general, you have to control your intake of foods that are high in cholesterol. Again, control, because these foods are not only high in cholesterol but also contain many other essential nutrients for the body. Here are some nutritious foods that also contain high cholesterol.


    1. Red meat derived from cows, sheep, and pigs tends to contain more cholesterol than saturated fats. In addition to increasing cholesterol, red meat is also able to worsen the condition of heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends salmon, nuts, and non-fried chicken as a better substitute.
    2. Ice cream is one of the foods that are high in cholesterol and fat. One scoop of ice cream has higher levels of fat and cholesterol than burgers and donuts. A bowl of ice cream has 4.5 grams of saturated fat. Snack like low fat frozen yogurt and fruits can be an alternative to ice cream.
    3. Egg yolk is (according to many people) the most delicious eggs. One egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol. However, studies suggest that eating less than four egg yolks per week does not degrade a person’s chances of developing heart disease. The key is not to consume excessively and continue to keep your cholesterol intake.
Cholesterol-lowering food

The way to keep cholesterol naturally is to eat healthy foods. Nuts are proven to lower cholesterol. Consumption of 1.5 ounces of walnuts in a month can lower cholesterol (total) by 5.4 percent and lower bad cholesterol by 9.3 percent. Although this is one of the foods that lower bad cholesterol, nuts have high-calorie content so you have to adjust how many calories you consume per day. In addition to nuts, there are some other foods that can lower cholesterol levels.

eat healthy foods

Garlic is included in the list of foods that can lower cholesterol. In addition, garlic is also able to prevent blood clots, lower blood pressure, and protect the body against infection. Recent research has found, garlic also helps stop clogged arteries.

Chocolate is also a food that can lower cholesterol. Chocolate contains high antioxidants that can help the formation of good cholesterol. Cocoa powder has improved cholesterol well up to 24 percent for two twelve weeks. Choose dark and bitter chocolate, because it contains three times more antioxidants.

To keep cholesterol in a natural way, you must maintain a good lifestyle. Get used to healthy living by exercising, maintaining weight, not smoking, taking supplements containing fish oil, and limiting or stopping the consumption of foods that are bad for cholesterol.

3 Most Effective Ways on How to Lower Cholesterol Through Diet

Suffering from cholesterol is no longer considered as a big deal, since there are many ways on how to lower cholesterol through diet. There are many treatments available that you can choose ranging from traditional treatments up to modern yet expensive treatment. Nevertheless, if you want a simple one, the answer for lowering your cholesterol tends to the modern treatment option. If your cholesterol level is high (especially bad cholesterol), what kinds of complaint that you experience?

A high level of cholesterol generally does not show any complaint, especially for those who are in 20s. Usually, those who are inherited to have cholesterol disease, they can do the check-up for at least once in 2 years in order to know how high the cholesterol level you have before it turns into disease. Having a high level of cholesterol is commonly experienced by those who have an overweight body. The cholesterol level is also being affected by lifestyle, age, certain disease and genetic factor. Obese is one of the main factors for someone has a high level of cholesterol.

Thus, lower cholesterol by diet is still considered as one of the most effective way to do. It is indeed not all people who suffer from high cholesterol can do diet, moreover when they are busy working. Obese leads to impaired insulin function that further causes fat metabolism disorder. People with obese or an overweight body tend to consume food carelessly, rarely or never exercise and the wrong diet. Some foods that lead to obese towards cholesterol sufferer are including junk foods, beverages with the high level of sugar, fat, high level of fat and food with high carbohydrate. If this diet continuously happens, thus the body’s weight will also tend to increase and this will further lead the risk of having cholesterol becomes higher.

Some foods that you can enjoy on how to lower cholesterol fast with diet are including :

  1. Daily consume of tomato juice

A healthy diet can be done to lower cholesterol by having a daily consumtion of tomato juice. You can consume 2 glasses of tomato juice in a day to lower your high cholesterol level.


  1. Avoid eating food with high fat

The more you consume foods with high-fat substances, the more fats you gain in your body that will automatically increase not only your cholesterol level but also the uric acid level.

  1. Do regular exercise

Do regular exercise is very important not only for maintaining our body’s health, avoid any kinds of diseases, but also lowering your weight. Regular exercise can also become one of the most effective ways to lower high level of cholesterol along with the healthy diet that has been explained above.

By doing this, not only you can lower your cholesterol but also you can get a slim body as the bonus. Last but not least, as a way on how to lower your cholesterol through diet and exercise, you can also do several kinds of exercise either in your home or in the gym twice up to three times a week.